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James Conway jwc at snf.stanford.edu
Mon Feb 23 17:18:45 PST 2004


Beam Current and emission levels have stabilized after running in the 
FE-gun over the weekend.
Gun Vacuum is normal at 1.9 E -009 Torr.
System vacuum 1.2 E -006 Torr.

Adjustments and calibrations:

    * We checked and adjusted the three magnification amplifiers and
      checked the stigmator centering functions for each aperture.
    * I rehomed and calibrated the X-Y-Z laser controlled stage and
      reset the positions of the faraday cup holes for 'on holder' and
      'on stage'. 
    * I saved the gun alignment and stigmator settings for 10 kEV 30 um
      aperture at 5.00 mm (4.995 mm). So you can accept these values
      when you are starting up the system and you will be able to
      rapidly get to focus and stigmation necessary to write a dot for
      additional focusing.
    * This afternoon I wrote several patterns to aid in qualification of
      this tools for min. feature size and stitching.
        I will inspect this sample tomorrow -- next user please unload
      for me.
    *  Please soft bake all materials going into the system.
    * Through Noon tomorrow lets please keep the Acceleration Voltage to
      less than 10 keV. 

      The first ramps to 30 keV should be done in 500 Volts steps once
      above 10 keV.  Once we have run in the FE-Gun for the better part
      of the the week we should be able to operate at any acceleration
      voltage ramp from ) to 0.3 to 30 keV.

Beam I values:   30 um aperture = 0.164 nA.  10 um aperture = 0.020 nA
Resolution is excellent and will examine and measure the Prickly Au 
resolution target the next time I am on the system.

Thank you for your support!

James Conway

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