Seminar: Resists for nanoimprint lithography and SU-8 by Microresist Technology GmbH.

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Thought you all might be interested in this presentation.


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Subject: 	Seminar: Resists for nanoimprint lithography and SU-8
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SPECIAL SEMINAR on Ultrathick and Ultrathin resists
4pm in CISX Auditorium

Photoresists for nanoimprint lithography and Processing of thick SU-8

visitor Dr. Freimut Reuther of micro resist technology (mrt) GmbH will 
discuss the following:

Overview on polymers for nanoimprint lithography (NIL) of 
(characteristics, behaviour, basic processing considerations)
Overview on high thickness positive tone photoresists
Purpose and benefits of IR baking of high thickness photoresists and 
baking examples including positive photoresists and SU-8

SNF recently obtained EV nanimprint lithography equipment and several 
labmembers have been using SU-8 for mixed applications with varying 
results. If you have questions or are thinking of using these materials, 
please attend this seminar and discuss with our visitor from mrt in Berlin.
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