high mag problems

Mark Allen Topinka mtopinka at stanford.edu
Wed Feb 25 07:46:51 PST 2004

Yep, problem is still there.  It happens when you go to the high-mag 
amplifiers (when you hear that click)  for me it's WD=6.808mm and 
mag=11.87KX.  At that mag, the image seems to stretch by like a factor of 2 
in the x direction and starts drifting.  I'm going to go ahead and write 
some coarse features, but as it stands it would be harder than usual to try 
and focus/stigmate the beam on high-mag.  (Note: it might still work, since 
even most high-res writing is done at 1200X max, but I wouldn't bet my 
prize wafer on it).     -Mark

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