RAITH is back UP!

James Conway jwc at snf.stanford.edu
Mon Jan 12 12:26:54 PST 2004

Greetings Raith Users:

The Raith is back up after recovering from the evil Load Lock Fatal 
Error No. 4 which occurred over the weekend.

I had to calibrated the stage and established new settings for the 
exchange position and loader arm limits and updated  the RAITH150.VBD.

Please NEVER abort or ctrl-alt-del the RAITH computer when running the 
exchange navigator scripts!
ALWAYS allow all MACROS and Navigator scripts to complete before 
resuming operations or entering the next position to move to or a 
command line action.

All standard user specific positions are intact. 
Stage calibrations were performed again to verify stage functions. A-OK.
Piezos were set to center point of each piezo.  A-OK.
Gun and aperture alignment settings for the 5.00 mm (4.99) Working 
Distance (WD) have been saved to state files in the MIC.INI file on the 
RAITH.  You can now be comfortable in accepting these settings when 
prompted for the 10 kV, 30 um aperture settings.  I will update for the 
10 and 20 um apertures and for 20 and 30 kV, the next time I work at 
these settings in the future.

I have finished my check out and Users are good to go. 
Cummings is next -- come on down.
Please report all problems to CORAL and note in the Notebook NO. 2.
I will check back after lunch. Be careful!

Thank you,

James Conway

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