how 'bout this for a new trial Raith-signup policy? (relatively short email)

James Conway jwc at
Tue Jan 27 14:37:46 PST 2004

Greetings ALL:

Good comments coming in from everyone!  Don't be shy!
This is one proposal we should continue to consider -- but my concern is 
that it may negatively impact a larger number of users than the 10 hour/ 
7 day rolling period idea.

If the limits and system is working well -- everyone should be able to 
get access to the system in a reasonable time period.  (7 - 10 days is 
my expectation)

old idea 2 (james makes reservations when coral is full) ... WILL NOT 
FLY! Read:" I don't do reservations..."

 >> James- how hard would it be  make the two week change?
I do not know... I cc'd the coral group so we can determine if this is 
easy or not to add...

We will all decide this issue at the EBEAM Town Meeting February if we 
can reach consensus.

Those whom have not contributed their new ideas to this discussion are 
invited to do so before February 2.

Thank you!

James Conway

Mark Topinka wrote:

> Hi everyone-  It seems we're making progress towards consensus.
> Here's a proposal for something simple we could try as soon as James 
> says "Yes": we institute a 10-hours-total per Rolling-TWO-week-period 
> cap immediately, and see if any other adjustments (like "old idea 2" 
> or "new idea" in John's email) are necessary.  I think the 2-week cap 
> is a good idea because it would basically guarantee that some 
> sign-up-able slots are always open, perhaps 7 or 8 days in advance, 
> but open none-the-less.  James- how hard would it be  make the two 
> week change?  Do people feel like the other ideas need to be 
> implemented at the same time?  My vote is to try the new cap and then 
> see if we need to do more.
> -Mark

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