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Tue Jan 27 18:07:50 PST 2004


Recently I have taken this issue up with several users individually, and 
have also mentioned this in previous emails to this list.

There will be no longer any tolerance for users whom are simply making 
spurious half hour reservations on the CORAL schedule.  Access to the 
system must be fair and uniform for all users seeking access to the system.

This is not a horse race and I do not support the recent activities of 
racing to get a CORAL schedule reservation by half hour increments.  
After all this is not 'E-BAY' folks!

I will remove all half hour reservations I observe that seem to be 
attempts to block other users from signing up for a complete  session. 
This hour I have just removed two half hour sessions reserved by users 
grupp and vignesh. Your half hour sessions have been canceled.

It pains me to see some users getting desperate and moving into this 
behavior. Just don't do it.
I know you need the system to get your work done.  Even I cannot get 
enough access to complete needed system admin. task and performance 

If you are having problems making a reservation please come and see me 
during my office hour, and/or place your name on the standby list.

Thank you for your consideration and support!

James Conway

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