James will be away through July 19, 2004 RAITH Champions are in charge...

James Conway jwc at snf.stanford.edu
Fri Jul 2 19:53:26 PDT 2004


I will be away on business through July 19, 2004. 
Raith Champions are in Charge of the system.  See the Who are you going 
to call sheet I have placed on the system or refer to archives. Gigi and 
Arvind are primaries in charge.  I can be reached by cell phone at 
415-412-4825 for emergencies and desperate plights of terror if you 
encounter them.

Please make every effort to cooperate and maximize throughput on the system.
Do please keep up the logbook entries up, and be sure to fill out both 
pages of the log book including:
- recording the APerture and the Beam Current
- record of results and errors you are having on the system in the 
notebook II
- record  exact working Distances used and
             - if or if not you are using focus correction and it or if 
not you observed stitching errors of any magnitude.

I am seeing a firm dependence of focus corrections across small chips 
and stitching breaks in Y on the order of 80 - 120 nm.
I need your data to help work this out upon my return.  76 eyes are 
better than one!

Many nice patterns were written on the RAITH 150 this last two weeks.  
My UVN-30 writes for JPL came out very nice once I got the parameters 
down.  LGX and DWSHIN have this process well optimized...  Smallest dot 
in June 10 nm! Smallest Line from my test 17 nm. 

Please play nicely together, its is supposed to be fun right?!

James Conway
in New York State

offline till 7-19-04

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