Raith Status Update

arvind sundaramurthy arvisun at stanford.edu
Fri Jul 9 18:05:47 PDT 2004

The Raith went down yesterday evening. The user was not able to unload the stage. I cleared all the software issues today with assistance from the Raith folks. I did a hardware reset of the airlock controller and the stage controller.

It turns out that the small turbo pump that evacuates the loading chamber during the load/unload procedure does not work anymore. The Raith system is sending a signal to the pump to start but nothing happens after that. We may need to replace the pump.

The Raith personnel have promised to send someone to look into it and replace the pump if necessary on Monday. I guess we have to wait until then.

The Raith would be down over the weekend and I will update its status on Monday.

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