Raith is ready for use.

arvind sundaramurthy arvisun at stanford.edu
Mon Jul 12 14:05:59 PDT 2004

The raith is back up for use. The vacuum issues that lead to problems with the load/unload procedures seem to have resolved. When you use the raith please remember to do the following:

* Enable the machine before loading/unloading  your sample so that you do not get a load lock error.
* Hold the loading chamber lid down when the green error light on the airlock control panel goes from blinking to steady.
* When you have finished loading, please wait for the Raith software to bring up the reset co-ordinate system/set voltage dialog box. This usually takes a few minutes. 
  Consider the load procedure as complete and the machine ready for use only when this happens.
* After you have finished, send the stage back into the chamber. DO NOT leave the stage in the vented loadlock chamber. The raith folks suspect this may lead to 
  problems with load/unload procedures.

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