SNF RAITH 150 status Tuesday July 20, 2004 SYSTEM remains offline through Friday evening.

James Conway jwc at
Tue Jul 20 16:37:30 PDT 2004


RE: Beam Blanking:
I was able to get the beam banker section on the system back up and 
running after yesterdays crash and burn.  During testing and 
troubleshooting the beam blanker section I was zapped (shocked) and it 
arced through my thumb when I disconnected the 8 kV input BNC.  
Returning to the task this afternoon I found that on the shock I had 
loosened the power to the unit as my hand jerked away from the chassis. 
(I was very lucky and am counting my remaining '9 lives'...)

Beam Blanking in back and running and we continue to troubleshoot the 
problems we are having with leakage with high priority.

ZEISS came in yesterday but refused to open the column or perform the PM 
we had requested.  They did not return to SNF today, nor did they call 
us to inform as was expected.  No responce from Zeiss on voice mail left 
on the 800 number as well.
This will result in a decided delay in returning the system for users, 
as we had schedule this time to get their work performed before Raith 
people arrive.

RE: Write Field Alignment problems:
I encountered the same problem Gigi had run into with the write field 
alignment exceeding the ZOOM V value at 600X.
I changed the mag setting to 550 X and had not problems whatsoever 
performing and completing a write field alignment.
If you are interested see RAITH Notebook No. 2 for the values I obtained.

RE: Write Field to Write Field and intra-write field stitching errors 
I am now running and exposure on the system to determine ELPHY + 
operations and to evaluate performance, especially Write Field to Write 
Field and intra-write field stitching in response to users complaints 
and reports this last week.
I will develop this wafer out tomorrow morning.

Arvind will be taking the system this evening for his after my write job 
completes to continue the testing.

through Friday evening.

Joe Klingfus,  RAITH USA,  will arrive tomorrow to deal with a large 
number of issues.  Please give us space to work without interruptions 
through this period as we certainly have more to do than the time 
available during his visit.  If you have specific questions please post 
as a thread to this list and we will post replies to everyone.

Thank you,

James Conway

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