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James Conway jwc at
Tue Jul 20 16:56:50 PDT 2004


This is to inform you of a management directed plan to return the Ebeam 
Lab back to Full class 100 cleanroom protocols in the coming month.

Initially we would like to return to class 1000 level protocols starting 
August 1, 2004.
Smocks, bouffant, and shoe covers. Gloves with all equipment other than 

Starting Monday August 19, 2004 we wish to merge with the Cleanroom main 
FAB area and initiate full class 100 level protocols. Full cleanroom 
gowning protocol and gloves everywhere and at all times...

I realize that there has been much discussion and decided disagreement 
with this amongst users in the Ebeam Lab and during the Ebeam Town 
Meetings. This is your only opportunity to make your views and opinions 
known to the community and to SNF management.  I seek your consensus and 
support -- or not -- for this policy change. 

Please post your reply to beamtools at so we can carry 
this thread on that specific mail list.

Cleaning Up the Ebeam Lab:

We also wish for your participation in helping us get the E-beam lab 
into a cleaner state and you can help us:

    * Clean up after yourself when working in the Lab.  [Your mother
      doesn't work here!]
    * No pencils or particulate generating devices such as newsprint,
      photocopies, and non-lint free paper in the lab.
    * As you wait for systems to pump down or complete a task -- please
      take a moment and use a wiper and IPA to wipe down surfaces around
      the area you are working in.
    * Pick up trash and material you can see on the floors and around
      the equipment.
    * Remove your engineering materials from this lab area and place in
      your storage boxes.

The favor of your comments, opinions and a reply is requested ASAP.  We 
seek you inputs.  Users doing critical clean level processes using the 
SEM4160 are particularly encouraged to comment, as this change is 
largely in response to concerns when using this tool.

Thank you for your support!

James Conway | Paul Jerabek | Charley Williams III
Ebeam Technology Group
Stanford Nanofabrication Facility
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