Reports surfaced regarding changes to the default RAITH150.VBD system settings. Check your settings...

James Conway jwc at
Tue Jul 27 17:57:00 PDT 2004

Please check to make sure you are in 'line mode' and not 'meander mode. 
on your user.vbd.'
This will result in reduced pattern placement precision and could result 
in Write Field to Write Field Stitching errors.

Seems there may have been someone whom, or an unintentional event which, 
changed the default settings from 'line mode' to 'meander mode' in the 
RAITH150.vbd.  This may also have been a change made within the service 
package we just installed.

This data base is normally encrypted and it takes a system administrator 
logon to effect these changes!
  These settings can also be changed in an individuals user.vbd that 
will only effect that user(s) login.

You can update your database, and/or wipe it back to defaults by 
selecting 'change to defaults' in the pull down visible on your login 

I will be examining the RAITH150.vbd and several user.vbd tomorrow for 
these changes and will effect repairs to this data base.  These are 
critical system settings and no one has permission to make any changes 
without my express instructions ever.
Did anyone change any other settings in the RAITH150.vbd I should know 
about????? Please RSVP directly to me.

Thank you for your support!

James Conway
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