Reminder and Agenda EBEAM TOWN MEETING TODAY CIS 101 2 - 4 PM.

James Conway jwc at
Mon Mar 15 09:29:47 PST 2004


This is a reminder that we will be holding the second EBEAM TOWN HALL 
MEETING today at 2 - 4 PM in CIS 101.
During the last meeting we had excellent discussions. We hope that all 
interested parties will join us again and continue to contribute their 
opinions and express their ideas on helping us develop the best Ebeam 
community within NNIN and SU.

Brief Agenda of Today's EBEAM TOWN HALL Meeting.

1.  Introduction:  James Conway 

    Summary of problems encountered on the system after the recent 
Preventive Maintenance and FE-Gun tip replacement.
    Plan of action for bringing the system back up and on line to users 
this week.
    The importance of proper sample preparation for all samples and 
materials coming into the system.
    "To Bake or Not to Bake."
    A new procedure and FAQ:  'EHT trips and what to do and what not to 
do...  '

    Users community feedback regarding the performance and operational 
status of the RAITH 150 system here at SNF.
    Do we want another ebeam tools here at SNF?

2. RAITH Coral Scheduling, continuing where we left off February 2, 2004.

    The new RAITH Coral reservation policies were met with broad 
approval and we have received positive feedback from users. We will 
continue discussions on how to improve system utilization and access 
particularly during crunch and crisis periods.  Users are encouraged to 
introduce their ideas on what we may consider to add to the current 
       - 24 hour reservation window on OPEN Slots that appear on the system?
       - Reserved Open Access time and day?
       - Restrictions on RAITH utilization?  Any appropriate use? SEM 
Imaging and Metrology use? Just EBL Writes.
       - Migration from or restriction of access to users on the system?
       - Other ideas of interest and concern from the community?

This is hoped to be a lively discussion with contributions from the 
RAITH Users Community.

3. Ebeam Discussions related to the Hitachi H-700 system.    (3:40 - 
4:00 PM)
    Report on recent activities and operational issues on the system.  
Paul Jerabek.
    - Please review the errors you encountered on the system and report 
your results in this session.

We will be starting promptly at 2:00 PM in CIS 101.

Thank you for your support!

James Conway
Paul Jerabek
Ebeam Technology Group.

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