Raith is being qualified... Thread: Required Limits of keV operation through 6APRIL2004 on RAITH 150

James Conway jwc at snf.stanford.edu
Wed Mar 17 20:24:45 PST 2004

Please Everyone:

We would like to operate the system in a range between  10 - 15 KeV 
and/or at 20100 to 2100 kV only. NOT 20 kV or higher than 21 kV.

 When  I return from Germany and with LEO field service we will perform 
further testing on the column. 

Things are in good order and tomorrow I plan to put the system back into 
green light mode as more measurements and imaging is completed

Stitching Mean + 3 sigma was 19 nm.

Thanks to everyone for your support during this challenging period,


John Cumings wrote:

>Green light means 30 kV is okay.
>I presume you mean yellow light, because 30 kV is not okay, correct?
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>>I am most relieved to report that we are coming back into normal
>>operational status on the RAITH 150 system.<br>
>>This afternoon and evening we will be qualifying the system and working
>>with users whom are in crisis mode.<br>
>>We hope to go into green light mode in the next twelve hours.<br>
>>James Conway<br>
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