Will be Raith be up on Friday morning? YES! Current PLAN -- system coming back on line 1800 Thursday

James Conway jwc at snf.stanford.edu
Wed May 5 17:14:15 PDT 2004


Carl Zeiss and RAITH Field Service have just handed the system back to 
me for performance testing and LEO column adjustments evaluation.

  My plan:

   1. Complete beam drift evaluations this afternoon.  Beam drift is
      well within specification (spec. 10 nm/min. measured 3 - 5 nm/min.

   2. Hand off the system to Gigi and other available RAITH champions
      after GiGi overnight and into Thursday morning.

   3. I will return to the system at 10 AM tomorrow and hope to complete
      qualification testing by late tomorrow afternoon.

   4. I hope to release the system back to users at 6 PM tomorrow.

Thank you for your patience and support!

James Conway

Peter Catrysse wrote:

>Hi James:
>I am losing two 4-hour time slots next week (I had Tuesday and Thursday
>morning) as a result of the training class you are giving. I reserved some
>time this Friday morning. How realistic is it that you will be done by then?
>Peter Catrysse
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>>Subject: I have a 6 inch wafer HEADWAY chuck you can check out from me for
>>EBeam Lab use.
>>I have now obtained a 6 inch wafer chuck for the Headway spin coater.
>>This is to be kept secured at my desk and will need to be check out
>>through me for every loan.
>>Thank you for your support!
>>James Conway
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