READ ALL: RAITH has qualified to specifications, and is up for all Qualified Users.

James Conway jwc at
Fri May 7 15:24:44 PDT 2004

      Greetings RAITH Users:

        Qualifications were completed overnight and we are in very good

Patterns written in the last 24 hours have been reported to be excellent 
for resolution, line width, and stitching all factors appear to be well 
within specifications. No breaks in U or V axis's on any patterns 
written have been observed.  SEM imaging of the qualification sample and 
stitching measurements will be performed after the overlay layer is 
written and more test will be written at 20 and 30 keV early next week.  
Users are requested to carefully inspect their results and report their 
results to the raith at mailing list.

        All USERS READ ME: 

We are now returning to the CORAL scheduling system.
All Users must log onto CORAL and start a logbook entry before starting 
their work on the system.

I want you all to be particularly careful about the materials you 
introduce into the system.  We have a nice clean column and gun vacuum 
is better than ever. Beam spot size as small at 15 nm has been observed, 
with the typical short shot spot measuring at ~ 18 nm. When I left last 
night System vacuum was 9.4 E -007 and Gun Vacuum was 9.8 E -010 Torr.

I request all users to be careful and patient in their operations of the 
system. Please record all error messages or concerns in the RAITH 150 
Notebook No. 2. If a problem occurs please report it to CORAL either as 
'make a comment' or 'report problem'.  Please perform graceful exits 
from the RAITH 150  and LEO applications when possible.

Limitation to Operations:

   1. You may operate at any Acceleration Voltage and with any Aperture. 

   2. All materials placed into the system must be soft baked to no less
      than 140 degrees Celsius on the hot plate.
      Oven bake is preferred.  Samples that have been in storage, or
      exposed to ambient conditions for any length time, are requested
      to be soft baked again on the Ebeam Labs hot plate. This is an
      easy to use device-- please see any staff member if your need
      assistance using it.

   3. If there is a FE-Gun EHT trip I wish to be called immediately on
      my cell phone and always report to CORAL.

   4. All floppy disk and USB memory sticks must be screened with  Virus
      scanning software before coming onto the RAITH computer system. 
      NO exceptions.

Upgrades and Updates:

Column PM and resolution of the EHT Trip problem:
RAITH and LEO Field Service were in most of this week and we replaced 
the Anode Aperture, the 6 -hole Aperture plate and its liner tube, and 
the Extractor Contact pin that contacts the FE-Gun.  This small gold pin 
was found to be mechanically not so good, it could move in one direction 
a little too freely than for suitable operations.  Upon my inspection 
with a hand lens last night I found a minute fatigue crack along the 
bend of the pin.  I presses ever so gently on it and it broke in half.
In addition they found a small filament of material on the aperture 
plate, that could of been causing the beam drift problems we observed.
  The column was then cleaned,  vacuumed, and carefully inspected before 
closing it up and baking the system out overnight.
The FE-Gun came up and we have tested it at all Acceleration voltages 
including idling overnight at 30 keV with no EHT Trips.

Windows OS and RAITH Computer System Administration was performed:
We updated the operating system for the RAITH computer to the current 
service packages and critical patches.
I found the Hard drive a bit fragmented and have defragged it and 
cleaned up the disk of all the trash.

"Blank dialog box" problem:
I 'googled' the web and found a Microsoft Knowledge base document (REF # 
831430) that referenced the infamous "blank dialog box" problem and have 
performed their recommended actions,  i.e., re-registering into the 
windows registry the vbdscript.dll and the jscript.dll. Testing so far 
has not tripped the blank dialog box error ...

 -The USB port on the RAITH computer has been activated.

- I am still working on getting the CD-RW on the LEO to work for users 
Seems the software application for the application to access need to be 
granted for users.

New Ultra High Efficiency IN-Lens Detector has been tested and installed:
Users will rejoice at the new Ultra High Efficiency IN-Lens detector!  
This improved detector really shines compared to the old generation 
detector.  This will be useful for users with slightly charging surfaces 
and low contrast targets acquisition, and it should improve automatic 
target acquisition too!

Note:  The AUTO Brightness and Contrast functions take some time to 
stabilize. Give it a few seconds at higher frame rates and it dos work. 
Maybe some adjustments and further tweaking might be necessary to get 
this to work better...

The schedule has open slots I would like you to utilize.
Come back onto  the system, be careful, and lets get some work through 
the machine this weekend.

Next Week:  Tuesday through Friday 10 AM - 5 PM we will be conducting 
RAITH Group IX training class.  This intensive short course is full, but 
I have one standby slot open.  

This will bring us up to 75 users on the system, all working carefully 
to maximize throughput in a supportive learning environment.  Few other 
systems at SNF are this heavily used, and the RAITH community that you 
have helped to form is a model for other systems to consider.  My hat 
goes off to all of the RAITH Champions and Users on this system.

Thank you for your support!

James Conway
Ebeam Technology Group

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