RAITH status as of 1850 hrs. WED. NOV. 10, 2004 -- system off line this evening after Power Surge.

James Conway jwc at snf.stanford.edu
Wed Nov 10 19:06:21 PST 2004

Hello Raith Users:

previously posted to raith-pcs at ~1750 hours:
Power surge or failure resulted in loss of vacuum and gun operations. 
system tripped into 'save itself' shutdown mode and gun isolated but the 
chamber came up to ~ 500 mT range.

Expect to be able recover and bring back the gun to normal values.  Four to five hours to reach suitable vacuum at best. All User access and use suspended through 2200 hours this evening.  I may take up to 24 hours for beam conditions to stabilize.  
Full update at 9:30 AM Thursday.  JWC

Update as of 1850 hours this evening:

I have been busy bringing up the vacuum system and verifying computer 
interfaces on the LEO are working properly.
While I have the main system chamber mechanical pump pumping and the 
Turbo pump has come up to speed with the pressure below the 6.0 E -006 
Torr set point; I am still waiting for the ion pumps to the gun to 
start.  This appears to be possibly hung up or delayed in initiating. Id 
have seen this before so I expect the Ion pumps to start sometime later 
this evening and bring down the vacuum down in the gun area so we can 
restart the FE-GUN.

Zeiss was contacted and I left a message, I have not yet received a 
response so far -- expect a call first thing in the morning east coast 
time. (6 AM)

I would expect we will be off-line through tomorrow noon if I cannot get 
the ion pumps to start on their own.

RAITH Computer:  The power failure severely fragmented the C drive and I 
had difficulties bringing the operating system back up. I booted off an 
emergency disk and found the fragmented C Drive. I am now defragmenting 
the drive and this could take several hours or more.  Please do not 
interrupt this operation.

I will check on the system later this evening.  Next user in the lab 
after 8 PM please give me a call on my cell.

Thank you for your support!

James Conway

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