RAITH status 11102004: 1950 hrs Ion pumps and Gun coming back up on line

James Conway jwc at snf.stanford.edu
Wed Nov 10 19:56:47 PST 2004


:-)     RAITH status as of 11102004: 1950 hrs   :-)

Ion pumps came on at 1921 hours and I started FE-Gun at 1938 hours.
The FE-Gun came right back up on the service run up and vacuum levels 
now appear fine. 
System 1.8 E - 006 Torr
Gun 1.2 E - 009 mbar
System coming back up on line. 
Please let system idle through 22:00 hours and if emission (EHT I) is 
stable you are good to go.
Questions call me -- up all night.

I would recommend deferring critical work or high resolution work until 
tomorrow afternoon.
This will allow us to chase out any 'BUGS'  that may appear.

RAITH Computer back up and on line after defragmentation tested and 
seems normal. Full testing of communication interfaces IEEE and SCSI bus 

Whew-- what an afternoon!

Thank you for your support!

James Conway

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