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Tue Nov 16 09:45:49 PST 2004

Hi James and Raith folks-
       I think James's points about cancellations are good, and I support 
some sort of "incentive program" for not cancelling reservations- not sure 
exactly what form it should take, but the most important thing I think 
would be to work out something that strongly encourages people to cancel 
and notify _more than 24 hours in advance_.
      Re: point #2:  this is the one point I have some questions 
about.   It seems to me the real problem is not any and all short 
reservations, but rather the short chunks of "un-usable" time between 
peoples reservations, and the games some people (a couple of users in 
particular?) seem to play betting that nobody else will be able to get on 
in that time so that they will be able to use it.  In the next 7 days, 
there are 11 total hours of 1/2 or 1 hour "lost blocks".  This is about 3% 
of the total available time- not really that huge of a problem, but 
admittedly not perfect either.  How about this policy: "you are not allowed 
to leave any 1/2 or 1 hour block between your reservation and another 
user's reservation.  And no reservation shorter than 2 hours."  Otherwise, 
what are we suppose to do when there's a 2 or 3 hour block of open time in 
the morning starting at 5am- just leave it unused?  (currently there are 
two such blocks in the upcoming week).  I agree, by the way, that it makes 
sense for myself and other users who can legitimately use short blocks of 
time to work hard at co-loading our samples with the previous and/or next 
users to save time on loading- I will definitely do that more vigilantly 
from now on.   But I disagree with the policy of having to "share" a four 
hour block of time- do we really want to put a policy into place that 
penalizes people who can legitimately get a write done quickly!?   I 
believe my proposal ("you are not allowed to leave any 1/2 or 1 hour block 
between your reservation and another user's reservation.  And no 
reservation shorter than 2 hours.") solves the sneaky-half reservations 
problem that some people are doing, while preserving an incentive for 
people to get their writes done in <4 hours if they can.   -Mark Topinka

At 01:50 PM 11/15/2004 -0800, James Conway wrote:
>ALL USERS are reminded that there is a limit to RAITH machine reservations 
>on the coral system -- but not to access of or utilization of the RAITH 
>system...  Please see section 1 and 3 below...
>There are currently several Users whom have exceeded the 8 hour 
>reservation limit on the system in the current 10 day window. Please check 
>your reservations and reduce your reservation total time to below the 8 
>hour limit by Tuesday morning 10 AM or I will remove your access to the 
>system for the entire period through the end of the year.
>Thank you for your immediate attention to this matter,
>James Conway
>Current RAITH 150 Reservations Policy:
>1. Reservation limit of 8 hours per rolling 10 day reservation window on 
>the Coral Reservation System.
>The reservation horizon was increased from 7 days to 10 days on Coral to 
>allow you a longer window to make reservations.
>2. Minimum of a four hour reservation slot, or you should Share the 
>Ridewith other users within your CORAL reservation. i.e., No half hour 
>reservation games allowed or tolerated! Not necessary to petition the 
>Raith list for each of your sessions!
>3.  Longer reservation needed than the normal 8 hour session:
>You may have one reservation only of up to 10 hours maximum if you have no 
>other reservations on the RAITH Coral system in a rolling two week 
>period.  You must have approval from James Conway if you desire a session 
>longer than 10 hours, and you will then not be able to make an additional 
>reservation for a two week period after that reserved session is 
>completed.  This is meant to meet the needs of users with special writing 
>needs or circumstances only.
>4. Reservations start (rather than end) within the reservation horizon.
>This change in particular, is designed to avoid the "30 minute roulette" 
>that  labmembers wishing to reserve the raith and the stsetch have been 
>forced to play.
>5. We have abandoned the concept of 'prime time' and 'non-prime time' 
>hours. The Lab operates 24/7&
>6. First Come First Serve -- You must use your reservation before making a 
>new reservation on the Coral system.
>Raith System Usage Policy:
>1. No System Usage Limit:
>While we have specific limits to RAITH Coral reservations, we do not have 
>a limit on the system utilization if there are no other users working on 
>or reserved for the system.   I expect the system to be utilized 100% of 
>the time.  Users are asked to make the hand off between users as smooth as 
>possible. It is suggested you check in with the previous user a short time 
>before your session to aid in communications and the system hand off to 
>reduce the unload / load exchange interval time.
>2. Grace Period: Users are expected to start and end your writing sessions 
>within 15 minutes of the scheduled time slot.
>If you are having problems, or encountered difficulties during your write, 
>which may require for you to extend into the next user's session you are 
>expected to make an attempt to inform the next user within a hour of the 
>hand off time. You must gain their permission to extend into their 
>session.  If you don't get permission or cannot complete the EBL task -- 
>you are expected to cancel the exposure and immediately yield the system 
>to the next user on their request.  If you did not start your session on 
>time as scheduled you will not be allowed a grace period to continue into 
>the next person's session.
>Remember you must gain the next users permission to extend beyond 15 
>minutes into the next reservation slot.
>3. Beginning your writing session -- the '16 minute Rule' applies:
>If at 'minute 16' of your reservation slot, if you have neither shown up 
>to start your session, nor marked the system with a note saying you are 
>coming, nor communicated with the last user on the system and posted to 
>the raith mailing list; you lose your entire reservation.  It is only upon 
>the courtesy of the user available to come onto the system, once he has 
>enabled on CORAL for the session, as to either to return the system to you 
>within your lost reservation time or not.
>4. Cancellations:
>Cancellations and trade off in RAITH sessions should be posted to the 
>Raith mailing list for all to view as soon as possible once you realize 
>that you will not be able to make use of your reservation.  It is expected 
>of Users that cancellations be done at least 24 hours before your reserved 
>session to allow other lab members to make use of the opening. You must 
>post a reason for your cancellation, particularly if it was due to a 
>system or machine dependence from within the lab not allowing you to get 
>your work finished.
>5.  If there is no one on the system and no reservation on CORAL, the 
>system is available to you for your use.
>   This does not affect your reservation limits on the Coral schedule and 
> there is no need to make a reservation on Coral for this session.
>6.  ALL USERS must enable CORAL in their own account for their writing 
>sessions. At the time of enable Users are to start an entry in the RAITH 
>Operations Logbook and all pertinent information should be 
>recorded.  Problems during a run should be reported to CORAL and noted in 
>the Logbook for prompt action by SNF staff.
>Thank you for your inputs and support of these policies.  This should go a 
>long way to create fair and uniform access and utility of the RAITH 150 
>Ebeam Lithography System.
>James Conway
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