'calculate time error'

James Conway jwc at snf.stanford.edu
Thu Nov 18 09:57:20 PST 2004

Greetings and Good Morning,

Frequently Asked Question #TBD: 'Calculation Time error' resulting in 
exposure error on write.

I have run into this issue before and it is normally due to a invalid 
polygon error, i.e., the feature either a polygon, square, or rectangle 
may now be completely closed.  There are also other write errors such as 
the file read: record length errors that could occur at the time of the 
file 'save' on closing the editor.  This has been observed on patterns 
written with the off-line software more often than with the on-line 

If the pattern cannot complete the  exposure times calculation you will 
not be able to get the pattern to write properly and normally will 
result in an exposure error.  This is very commonly encountered when 
files were edited in autocad and converted to DXF and then converted 
into GDS not using the RAITH DXF import filter.

Work around and good practices to follow that could help you :

Be sure to [save] often and regularly after making significant changes 
on the editor [File]+[SAVE].
Be sure to [save] and [close] after you have completed your design of a 
structure then reopen the editor BEFORE you begin an array of that same 
I have found it best if I am not running other memory intensive 
application while doing editing on the RAITH 150 off-line SW.

If Users have seen this and found other or similar solutions please 
report to this list THREAD:  'Calculation time error'
and we can add your information and turn this into a FAQ in the  future.

Thank you,

James Conway

Charis Quay Huei Li wrote:

>hi all,
>     just wanted to alert people to an error i got this morning.
>     when i hit 'time' in the properties window for my pattern, the
>software got stuck on a particular writefield and gave me a 'calculate time
>error'. i went ahead and wrote anyway, but then i got an 'exposure error'
>in the same writefield. the module status window gave no details.
>     i deleted everything in the writefield and redrew them. then i
>deleted all the elements already written and rescanned the pattern. i
>still have no idea what caused the error in the first place since to my
>knowledge i didn't change anything. but this time it worked.
>     sadly, it appears that the writefield was written despite the error,
>so i have one writefield that was exposed twice. :-( oh well.
>     other than that, machine working fine. beautiful spot size: 15nm-ish.
>all other features also came out beautifully. beam current seems to be on
>the rise also compared to previous two users.
>     anyway, just wanted to let people know in case you get the same
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