RAITH 150 PM Schedule has Changed -- system will be up Thanksgiving break! PM rescheduled for DEC14 - Jan. 5.

James Conway jwc at snf.stanford.edu
Fri Nov 19 14:42:27 PST 2004


I had wished to post the announcement Wed. a week ago and then last 
Friday. Mondays message regarding the upcoming downtime was to get the 
message out as a 'tentative plan' for everyone benefit. One of the 
reasons I was unable to get a firm commitment from ZEISS to perform the 
PM as we had hoped for over Thanksgiving was that they long delayed the 
response to several calls and queries to them from both RAITH USA and I 
over the course of the last few weeks.

Considering the ground swell of opposition to taking the system off line 
over the Thanksgiving Day weekend, and the justified concern that Zeiss 
could complete this procedure correctly the first time, and with due 
consideration of the short notice users normal expect on these types of 
plans. Finally just today notice of Zeiss's inability  to perform this 
service next week we will move the schedule PM to the week of December 13.

 The RAITH  will remain off line through late day january 4 or more 
likely Wednesday January 5, 2005 at the earliest.
 The Last Users session will complete by Noon December 13. I will have 
the system through the next morning when RAITH and Zeiss Field service 
is scheduled to arrive to complete some work in my queue before shutting 
off the system..

To answer Ali Javey's question in a previous email this week in part: 

>> Can you please clarify the maintenance and testing* policies of the Raith?

This PM maintenance routine will include replacing the FE-Gun tip and 
the aperture assembly, cleaning the anode and spray aperture plate above 
the anode.  Inspection and appropriate cleaning of the column liner, 
anode,  blanker assemblies,  the final pole piece, and the surfaces of 
the kinetic mounts.  We will also be performing numerous inspections and 
checks of the chamber, stage, load lock belts, transfer arm and measure 
signals and align the laser interferometer.  We will attempt to address 
anything else that may arise too!

We will then bake out the system overnight and do a cold run up of the 
FE-GUN to evaluate contamination levels in the column to address 
previous issues and concerns with arcing at higher acceleration 
voltages.  If necessary we will reopen the column and clean and then 
clean again until we are confident we will be safe to operate at higher 
KV after the normal tip run in period ( I would imagine we will wish to 
run a week at < 20 kV to run in the tip, as is normal.)

For the Christmas / New Years holiday shut down period we will perform 
an extended bake out of the entire column to bring the ultimate gun 
vacuum down to the lowest level possible and reduce contamination levels 
in the gun section.

In January we will bring the system back up and make all the adjustments 
to the column settings and alignments as we have in the past.  It is 
hoped to complete this January 3 and 4.  Late January 4 I hope to 
perform PCM and qualification runs for 10 and 20 keV to certify we are 
within system specifications focusing on stitching and ultimate 
resolution and also to establish baselines for comparison through 
January/February.  I hope to release the system to users late in the day 
January 4 or by 12 Noon on January 5, 2005 if all work is completed if 
this is humanly possible.

Thank you for your support!  Your comments are invited.

James Conway

* 1 - A description of the RAITH performance post-PM Qualification 
Method I have been using is listed in RAITH FAQ and Operation Notes 
Notebook NO 2. including many measurements I have made. I have been 
working on establishing a template for this set of test so anyone can 
perform it.  I have a number of other notations and measurement in my 
R&D notebooks if you are interested in reviewing  or contributing to 
this work.

Here was my final now long awaiting confirmation of this plan.

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Hello James,
Your request for a preventative maintenance visit has been processed, 
and the schedule is in place.  To rectify the ongoing beam blanker 
leakage problems and the decreasing beam current levels, the filament 
and multi-hole aperture set will be replaced on December 14.  To 
summarize our discussions over the past several weeks, we believe the 
filament is emitting from more than one source, leading to multiple beam 
paths through the column.  This would explain the visible apertures when 
blanked in EMISSION mode, the ovoid spots when burning dots using the 60 
and 120um apertures, and the other aforementioned leakage symptoms 
effecting your lithography.
Service personnel from RAITH USA and ZEISS USA will be on-site 
from December 14th to the 16th to perform a variety of PM tasks.  This 
includes cleaning the upper and lower sections of the electron column, 
cleaning the chamber and kinematic sample holder mounts, backing up the 
hard drives, and other miscellaneous items.
Once the tip installation and column cleaning are complete, the system 
will be put into an overnight bakeout.  The following day, we will run 
the EHT up to 30kV with the gun off to check for column 
contamination.  If the tests are good, the system will be put into an 
extended bakeout over the Christmas break.  On January 3, Zeiss will 
arrive to run the new filament up, align the column, and optimize the 
gun settings.  The filament and gun vacuum will need a day or two to 
stabilize before running above 10kV.
Best Regards,
Cole Loomis
Service Engineer
Raith USA, Inc.
2805 Veteran's Hwy - Suite 23
Ronkonkoma, NY  11779
Office: (631) 738-9500  EXT: 16
Fax: (631) 738-2055
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