Coral Schedule for RAITH is nearly completely open. Currently booked at 14% usage level.

James Conway jwc at
Wed Nov 24 09:01:55 PST 2004


Historically Thanksgiving and Easter are our lightest usage levels on 
the system.
The Coral Schedule for RAITH is nearly completely open. Access available 
for your Ebeam writing needs through Tuesday.

Currently booked at only 14% usage level.  13.5 hour reserved of 96 
hours available on the schedule!

Particularly directing this email to those of you that made a big issue 
and expressed concerns regarding the previously planned Thanksgiving 
shut down and extended writes I had planned to complete, which have 
been  canceled for your benefit; I would expect you to utilize the 
system access that was made available to you for the 'urgent' needs you 
expressed to me.

Thank you for your support!

James Conway

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