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I appreciate your desire to have the system fully utilized, but I feel
your latest note goes a bit too far. Users were informed only last
Friday that the system wouldn't be down over Thanksgiving. Many had
presumably already made plans to be away, which may even have involved
plane tickets. Certainly they didn't plan to be ready for lithography
(with all prior steps done). And then there's been the issue with the
write field alignment. If that's resolved, I have not noticed the
resolution posted on the Raith list.
Just to be clear, waiting to take down the system not only frees up the
Thanksgiving week (as you noted) but also makes it more likely that the
system will be usable for the two following weeks. I hope there is usage
over Thanksgiving, but if there isn't it doesn't take away the value of
the change in plans.
On Monday, I encouraged my group members to consider using the system
this week. Mark and Charis likely will. They and Hung-tao all very much
want to get several writes done before the shutdown, and we'll try to
work with you to make that work. I'm glad you made time for Ofer Levi to
write over Thanksgiving. If you have writes you want to do over
Thanksgiving, I do think you've given people enough warning that it
should be OK for you to take an unclaimed overnight time over
Thanksgiving for one of your own writes. If you don't want to work over
Thanksgiving, that's certainly totally reasonable, but then the time
made available on Thanksgiving is not time that you would have wanted to
use for your own writes.
Best wishes,
P.S. Your detailed reply to Ali Javey was very useful, and I can see how
much care you put into it. Thank you for sharing those responses with
the community.

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Subject: Coral Schedule for RAITH is nearly completely open. Currently
booked at 14% usage level.
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Historically Thanksgiving and Easter are our lightest usage levels on
the system.
The Coral Schedule for RAITH is nearly completely open. Access available
for your Ebeam writing needs through Tuesday.

Currently booked at only 14% usage level.  13.5 hour reserved of 96
hours available on the schedule!

Particularly directing this email to those of you that made a big issue
and expressed concerns regarding the previously planned Thanksgiving
shut down and extended writes I had planned to complete, which have been
canceled for your benefit; I would expect you to utilize the system
access that was made available to you for the 'urgent' needs you
expressed to me.

Thank you for your support!

James Conway

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