stitching wait?

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Wed Sep 22 09:39:13 PDT 2004


The stage moves and rest 3 seconds before it allows the next step the 
exposure operation. There is by default a 3 ms beam park and wait before 
initiating deflection.  This is to allow the deflection coils a suitable 
time frame to stabilize before moving the beam (Beam sweep operation)

the RAITH system and it is user addressable.  It is in the exposure 
panel --> details... menu.
However if there is no structure or element in a writefield it should 
just quickly move through that WF and to the next field with an 
element.  Normally it will not stop at an empty writefield...
Check your pattern and make sure their are no borders,  Area refs, 
structure refs, lines, or dots in each of these writefield. 

Also be sure that if you have any borders around your patterns that they 
are not filled boxes but simply a line border.  The solution to your 
problem may be as easy as turning off any additional layers that may 
have resulted from the CAD programs.  Once before I saw this when the 
pattern was in layer one but there was an additional "empty pattern 
layer' in Layer 9.  This turned out to be a working area definition that 
did not carry over through the L-edit export to GDS II properly. (old 
L-edit version 7)

If you still are having problems please come and see me when you are 
next on the system.

Hope this helps!

James Conway

Charis Quay Huei Li wrote:

>hi guys,
>      i noticed in my write today that the raith is taking unusually long.
>it even stops in empty write fields and shows 'stitching wait' for 3s.
>what is this 'stitching wait' and how do i turn it off? thanks.
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