New Thread: Should we charge users when they cancel without advanced notice on the Raith system?

James Conway jwc at
Wed Dec 7 13:07:57 PST 2005

Good suggestion!
I will also CC the raith at and this will help to get the 
discussions started on this email list.

All the best,

Adrian Tymes wrote:

>--- James Conway <jwc at> wrote:
>>Please reply regarding your opinions, "Should we charge users when
>>cancel without advanced notice on the Raith system?"
>If you're conducting a poll, then I vote yes.  Specifically, if
>they cancel less than 4 hours (x<=240 minutes) in advance, charge
>them for their full reservation; if they cancel at least 4 but
>no more than than 24 hours (240<x<=1440 minutes) in advance,
>charge them at half rate; if they cancel further out than that,
>don't charge.
>I would also suggest this for other extremely high use systems.
>Perhaps someone could check Coral to see what other systems, if
>any, are at over 50% utilization (or at least over 50%
>reservation) and thus might need to discourage reservations that
>may be abruptly cancelled.
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