Biannual Ebeam Lab Pass through Cleanout and removal of lost and abandoned items

James Conway jwc at
Fri Dec 9 10:04:58 PST 2005

Greeting Users of the Ebeam Lab:

All Users are requested to check for their lost substrates, engineering 
materials, and other misc. samples that may have been stored, lost, or 
forgotten in the Ebeam Lab Pass Through. 

Users are reminded that this area is for current work in progress only, 
and you should not be storing your materials in this Pass Through.

Please remove all items that you wish to retain by mid-day Wednesday 
December 14, 2005.  Items found, abandoned, or forgotten after that date 
will be removed from this Pass Through and will be considered donated to 
the Ebeam Lab. We will subsequently utilize these substrates for 
training and resist material characterization.

Request for Donations of useful Engineering Materials:
If you have valuable substrates you wish to donate to the Ebeam Lab, 
particularly GaAs, Lithium Niobate, Sapphire, SOI or other unusual items 
such as Si3N4 membranes on Silicon -- we would welcome your donation.  
These items should be submitted to James Conway either in my office, or 
in the plastic tub above my dry box in the Ebeam Lab.  Please label as 
appropriate the material type and the cleanliness level that these 
materials have been exposed to so far.

Thank you for your assistance!

James Conway
Ebeam Lab
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