Annual Ebeam Lab Cleanup -- your assistance is requested.

James Conway jwc at
Fri Dec 9 10:26:55 PST 2005

Greetings Ebeam Lab Users:

Happy Holiday!

As we approach our Annual Holiday Shutdown period I would like to 
request that ALL USERS of the EBEAM Lab to please take one half hour of 
their time and take a few moments to clean up the Ebeam Lab area over 
the course of next week.

 I have placed the cleanroom vacuum cleaner into this lab and it is 
stored under the microscope table. There will also be cleaning supplies 
in the cabinet for your use.

I am seeking your assistance to help:

    * Carefully vacuum off the acoustic foam on the walls carefully
      removing any particles and flakes that may be evident.
    * Vacuum behind the Raith system and the Hitachi computer cabinets.
    * Wipe down all windows, hard surfaces and desktops in the Lab with
      either the diluted Fast Orange cleaner or TEXCLEAN 100.
    * Wipe down the chairs in the Cleanroom.  Please don't forget the
      wheels of these chairs too!
    * Remove scuff marks and debris attached to the flooring tiles.
    * Clean up the Microscope stage and area around it.
    * Clean up and reorganize the books and shelves above the Hitachi
      Computer consoles.

Over the Holiday shutdown the Maintenance and Facilities group will be 
relamping the lab and performing other annual maintenance.  We will also 
request that after this work is completed that they do a thorough 
cleaning of all the Flooring surfaces after placing the tiles back into 
proper place. The floors have shifted are starting to lift up from 
pressure pushing across the floor. Likely we will need to square off and 
reposition the floor tiles to get them all back firmly in place.

Currently I have been suffering from a disk problem in my lower back and 
have been experiencing great pain.  I can barely open the doors much 
less perform any bending or vacuuming operations.  A few minutes of your 
time and attention, while you allow your systems to pump down, would be 
so very much appreciated.

Thank you for your participation!

James Conway and Paul Jerabek

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