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James Conway jwc at snf.stanford.edu
Fri Jan 14 13:54:02 PST 2005

Good Afternoon,

With much pleasure and effort,   I can announce that the system 
performance met with my expectations and I am willing to give it a 
preliminary qualification based on SEM inspection of patterns I wrote 
yesterday evening.

While I was not able to locate or measure Single pixel lines in grating 
patterns below 134 nm I was able to see good SPL in a dose array of 
origin targets.  Shots can be difficult to form but I was able to obtain 
a 13 nm short shot dot reproducing results from two days ago.
While the root cause of the problem we were having was not specifically 
identified, I did check and reconnect all the cable runs yesterday 
afternoon and abruptly the system seemed to come back to normal 
performance levels. I also cycled the power to all the RAITH electronics 
package other than the laser, and finally reset the computers.

I will let users work on the system over the weekend through Tuesday 10 
AM.  I will then repeat the qualification test on new substrates and 
resist and again evaluate performance using our PCM pattern test procedure.

Thank you,

James Conway

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Subject: 	Comment raith SNF 2005-01-14 11:04:06: last nights EBL results 
much improved
Date: 	Fri, 14 Jan 2005 11:04:06 -0800
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Optical microscope inspection of test patterns written over night do not display the shot diameter problems we were encountering the previous days attempts to qualify the system.
We will SEM these features for CD's and attempt to qualify the  system and perform an additional write to confirm.
Only changed made were checking all connections to the system and resetting all system hardware other than the LEO E/O and vacuum controller.
JWC 01142005:1058 hours

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