ANISOLE based PMMA resist are now stocked in the LAB. Remove your old chemicals!

James Conway jwc at
Wed Jan 19 14:09:02 PST 2005

Greetings Ebeam and Raith Users:

This morning I stocked 2% 950K Molecular Weight and 5% 495K Molecular 
Weight PMMA based in ANISOLE solvent into the solvent cabinet located in 
the chase of  the SNF Cleanroom.  These materials are plainly labeled 
with a letter 'A" following their product name and highlighted with 
different colored ID stickers on the Jar Cap.

Users are encouraged to begin to utilize these materials and Users 
should check their process parameters for their specific application.  I 
will be working with these materials this week and next, and will post 
my thickness function of spin speed data to these discussion list once 
they have been tested and confirmed.

Users are directed not to take individual stocks of these materials from 
SNF Staff desires to minimize the amounts of hazardous chemicals stored 
into the cleanroom solvent cabinets both by lab members and SNF Staff. 
Users are reminded that no chemicals whatsoever are to be taken from the 
SNF cleanroom for use in other Stanford University labs located in other 

All Users are directed to finish up your by spinning onto wafers, or 
dispose of properly as hazardous waste all individual bottles of PMMA 
resist containing chlorobenzene stored in the cleanroom.

NO individual bottles of PMMA should be stored in the left hand solvent 
cabinet with the SNF Lab stocked PMMA.
I will be throwing out, or moving into other solvent cabinet all 
materials left in the Ebeam Lab tub at this location.  Today I moved all 
users' individual PMMA materials in small bottles to the right hand 
solvent cabinet upper left hand shelf.
In early February I will go through the solvent cabinet and remove 
and/or dispose of all chlorobenzene based resist systems stored in the 
SNF Cleanroom.

This change is made to improve your personal safety and reduce the 
potential risk of exposure to toxic and carcinogenic materials utilized 
within the SNF cleanroom. Please reply to beamtools at to 
express your queries and concerns regarding this change.

Thank you for your support!

James Conway
SNF Ebeam Lab
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