Annoucement 2: RAITH system offline 10 AM Monday June 20 through afternoon June 24.

James Conway jwc at
Mon Jun 6 14:49:38 PDT 2005

Greetings Raith Users:

The planned downtime to replace the RAITH 150 system SEM Column must be 
delayed for two weeks.

The RAITH system will be going offline to users 10 AM Monday June 20 
through late afternoon Friday June 24.

We may possibly be seeking standby operators for test exposures evening 
and overnight on Thursday June 23, 2005; but only if we can complete 
raith field service test before that time.  Please see James Conway if 
you are interested in helping us qualify the system.

Why the delay?

RAITH GMBH and Zeiss SMT field service personnel working in Oberkocken, 
DE. were forced to delay the scheduled installation of the new SEM 
column on our RAITH Ebeam lithography system due to their want to fully 
characterize the replacement SEM column.  It was discovered during 
initial  testing that the Aperture Plate was aligned to the default LEO 
1530 orientation and not to the standard RAITH 150 aperture orientation 
which is required by the RAITH system. This forces the people working on 
the system to break gun section vacuum, rotate the aperture plate, and 
perform an additional bakeout on the system.

This is your notice that we will be taking the system off line from 10 
AM Monday June 20 through  late afternoon June 24, 2005. PCM test and 
Qualification runs will be conducted that Friday afternoon 13:00 - 18:00 
hours.  There is the opportunity to " Share the Ride" with me during 
these test.

Raith and myself apologize for the change in the planned downtime, but 
this was unavoidable.  Users are encouraged to make good use of this 
additional time remaining to complete your work on the system before the 
down time commences.

Thank you for  your support!

James W. Conway

Dick Crane wrote:

> Raith users:
> The column replacement work scheduled for the week of June 6 has been 
> delayed and is tentatively rescheduled for the week of June 20. I have 
> removed the maintenance reservations from the week of  June 6. Please 
> feel free to sign up for this newly opened time.
> Thanks,
> Dick

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