ANNOUNCEMENT: Take a spin with me Ebeam resist training on the headway spinner. Tuesday 10 am - 1 PM.

James Conway jwc at
Mon Jun 27 11:47:38 PDT 2005

  Greetings RAITH Group XIV and other interested people:

  Please come and 'Take a Spin with Me.'

      I will be conducting  Ebeam Resist Handling on the Headway Spinner
      working with several polymers and you can use this opportunity to
      clean and coat your wafers for your work too!

      I will be starting with wafer cleans for clean level Silicon and
      stripping old resist as well on WBNONMETAL starting at 10 AM then
      starting coating operations from 11 - 12:30.  I have reserved the
      headway from 11 - 1:00 PM for your usage.

      No need to reply to this email -- just show up and learn and get
      qualified on this very useful tool.

Thank you,

james Conway

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