Monday 13:00 through Tuesday 1800 RAITH will likely be off-line for use. Maintenance and BAKEOUT scheduled.

James Conway jwc at
Fri Mar 11 14:57:07 PST 2005

RE: RAITH System down time MONDAY March 14, 2005 through late Tuesday 


Tentative plan is to have RAITH USA applications specialist Joe Klingfus 
and Mike Santomango from Zeiss SMT Field Service arrive early Monday 
afternoon and we will continue testing the system.  We are now also 
planning to perform a overnight bake out of the column of the RAITH 
system. Monday to Tuesday.  We will then bring the FE-Gun and exposure 
system back up in the afternoon and perform alignments to the E/O board 
and qualify the system that afternoon.

Note: We will not be opening up the column, nor installing any new parts 
inside the high vacuum area of the FE-Gun on the column.  In this manner 
we can evaluate changes in vacuum to determine potential sources of 
contamination is this area.

If you received this message twice it is because you are listed in the 
TO: column of this email and you are being informed that your 
reservation may be shortened, terminated early, or canceled to gain 
access to the system when the Field Service people arrive.

Users before 13:00 hours Monday should 'Share the Ride' and load their 
samples together early in the morning to minimize the load lock time 
overhead.  There may be a chance that flights, or other dependencies, 
may delay the field service people from arriving until later in the 
afternoon. This is what has happened most of the time in the past! So 
within this plan is to allow lxuwind to write until the time they enter 
the lab.

Users scheduled overnight Monday will likely have their sessions 
canceled if we must perform the bakeout.  But as a contingency plan do 
have your wafers ready to go should we decide the bakeout effort is not 
practical at that time.
We hope to return to the CORAL scheduled sessions for Users starting 
with Gigi's run at 1800 hours Tuesday.

Thank you for your support and your patience during this busy period at SNF.

Thank you,

James Conway
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