NEW FAQ: ELPHY PLUS switch settings -- 'Please do not adjust the set...'

James Conway jwc at
Tue Mar 29 10:30:16 PST 2005

Greetings Users:

During weekends particularly Sunday PM we have been receiving a larger 
than usual number of phone calls for support due to the positions of the 
switches on the ELPHY Plus pattern generator.  Is someone purposely 
changing the switch positions? Please see me as that the logic states in 
your RAITH user.vbd may have been reversed which will also occur if you 
exit ungracefully from the software while you are unblanked, or if you 
saved your project while unblanked.  ON login you can change your user 
vbd to defaults by selecting 'default configuration' from [OPTIONS] pull 
down menu on your login dialog box.

Default position of the switches:

Left hand switch is the hardware reset for the Pattern generator.  It is 
a momentary on switch. When moved up to the upper position resets and 
centers the X Y deflection system and zeros the DAC's to the pattern 

Middle switch  is to be set to the up position.  This button is not 
employed by our system but needed for raith attachment systems attached 
to other SEM's. On our system this function is controlled by the 

Right hand switch is the SEM external  button and it also is to be set 
to 'up' to allow remote control by ELPHY plus pattern generator.  LED 
SHOULD BE LIGHTED. When switched down you are in manually selecting the  
'SEM' mode only!
 The system will not blank during operations. Despite your raith 
software blanking selection you will always be 'BEAM ON'.

Here is an image of the RAITH ELPHY PLUS attached to another SEM.  NOT 
OUR SYSTEM. Note the middle button is in the down position for their 

Please Be Reminded:

The Ebeam Lab is a restricted area of the cleanroom and is open only to 
users of Ebeam, RAITH  and the S4160 SEM tools.  There should be no one 
else in this area. As that several users have insisted the switches were 
in the correct position at the beginning of their runs; only to return 
to discover the switch positions have been changed, I asking all users 
to be vigilant in checking this before you start your exposure. Please 
also report to me if you see other people wandering into this area 

Please let me know if you are still encountering any problems whatsoever.

Thank you for your support!

James Conway

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