Raith write

James Conway jwc at snf.stanford.edu
Mon May 23 18:58:42 PDT 2005

Stephan and Raith Community:
I will take your later session, but will not be able to start till 1 PM.
Anybody desire my 10 - 13:00 slot tomorrow you can take it.  I am 
modifying my reservations on coral now!

I may be able to finish slightly earlier and will post as soon as I know 
the end time of the write tomorrow night.
(Read 8 - 9 PM possibly...)

Thank you,

James Conway

Stephan Goetzinger wrote:

>Dear James,
>I will not be able to do the RAITH write tomorrow. I did not cancel my
>reservation since I was not sure if you will need my time. Please let me
>know or just take it.
>Thanks for your patience,
>Stephan Goetzinger
>Edward L. Ginzton Laboratory Box S-79
>Stanford University
>Stanford, CA 94305-4088
>Tel.: ++1-650-723-3929
>Fax.: ++1-650-723-5320

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