HELP! loadlock error 5

Nick Koshnick koshnick at
Tue Sep 6 09:12:43 PDT 2005

After another software restart the raith can talk to the LEO (at least, with 
minimal errors) and the load unload procedure seems fine. I could not figure 
out the problems with the CCD and the normal LEO SEM functions do not work 
properly. A more experianced user might need to fix this on the next pump 
down. The system is now unloaded with the load lock vented.

 On 9/5/05, Lindsay Shannon Moore <lsmoore at> wrote: 
> I have fixed the loadlock error on the Raith computer, but the LEO and the
> raith are not communicating properly. I was not able to contact James
> about this error, so it seems like it will have to wait until tomorrow to
> be fixed.
> Current status:
> -sample holder is loaded, loadlock is vented.
> -Raith will not let me unload the sample
> -Raith and LEO not communicating properly
> -CCD camera on LEO not working properly.
> Lindsay
> Quoting Lindsay Shannon Moore <lsmoore at>:
> >
> >
> > The raith has somehow managed to pump down with the holder still in the
> > loadlock, causing a loadlock error 5. Can someone please
> > 1. tell me an administrative level login and password
> > 2. tell me how to fix this problem.
> >
> > ASAP would be great! :) thanks!
> >
> > Lindsay
> >
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