We are out of MaN-2403 until May 1, 2006 Does anyone have any supply of this material?

James Conway jwc at snf.stanford.edu
Fri Apr 14 09:00:11 PDT 2006

Good Morning,

Yesterday we finished up the remaining amount of the MaN-2403 Negative 
Tone Ebeam resist.  We consumed this bottle in a remarkably short time, 
about a month and a half.  This came as a surprise to me as the last 
bottle took nearly a year to consume; albeit more users are now working 
with this material. It was enough for three to four hundred wafers spins.

Please be frugal with our Ebeam resist materials.  Please be reminded 
that all  ebeam resist must be dispensed through syringes and never to 
be transferred to a beaker or poured out directly from the bottle.  You 
will loose control of the viscosity and your thickness uniformity 
results will suffer. It really takes very little of this material to 
coat a 100 ml wafer, about 1 ml.  The last four ml in the bottle we 
coated six 100 ml wafers fully with excellent uniformity.  Good to to 
the last drop!

If by chance any user may has any amount of this material remaining in 
their possession, could you please return it to me -- no questions asked.
  I have several users in critical need for this material for their 
projects. The two week delay until the next batch of resist arrives will 
negatively impact their project.
We expect to receive the next batch by May 1, 2006.

Thank you for your support!

James Conway

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