Raith Status: Monday December 11, 2006 4 PM -- RAITH WILL REMAIN OFFLINE FOR REPAIRS.

James Conway jwc at snf.stanford.edu
Mon Dec 11 17:19:02 PST 2006

Greetings Raith Community:


On Friday in the early morning a User's error loading the Load Lock 
Station resulted in the Standard Sample Holder falling off the piezo 
post during the Load Lock Exchange.  The Std. Sample Holder touched the 
Laser Interferometer Mirror on the Raith's LIS Stage and may have also 
touched the SEM Objective Lens Pole piece. This resulted in a arcing 
event through the column to the stage ground from the EHT power supply.  
This then caused an EHT set point trip (Error 519) and we subsequently 
lost some functionality of the Electron Optics Board in the focusing and 
stigmation sections.

Zeiss SMT was not able to provide a Field Service technician as expected 
on Friday afternoon and no one showed up as expected at any point today. 
The Zeiss office in Thornwood, New York did not deploy a Field Service 
engineer today as was promised by Zeiss management Friday afternoon.  I 
again spoke with Christoff Barbier, Zeiss west coast service manager and 
he stated that we could not get a engineer here as they were deployed to 
Hitachi HTA - Almaden.  I have attempted to expedite a Electron Optics 
board to our site but have not been able to obtain one, likely as in 
similar situations before they do not have a board in current stock.

Zeiss wishes to review the situation before they commit to shipping a 
E/O board despite my request they come over with E/O and EHT control 
boards and tools to effect repairs. I have also requested they bring 
over a final objective lens pole piece cap just in case it too had 
become damaged during this event.

*I must say that I am again very disappointed in the poor service 
response and lack of effort by ZEISS SMT to assist us with this event in 
a timely manner.* Now we are entering our 4th day of downtime and they 
seem unable to respond to our current need for Field Service Support.

  Will post more information as progress comes to pass.  All Users with 
reservations after WED Noon should maintain their reservations in hope 
that I can return the system to service. My apologizes for the negative 
impact upon your work that this downtime has caused during this busy period.

Thank you for your support!

James Conway
SNF Ebeam Lab.

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