Please report problems to the CORAL reporting system. Image acquisition was lost on RAITH last night... but never reported

James Conway jwc at
Thu Feb 2 12:21:08 PST 2006


Late this morning, a User working on the RAITH  reported to me that 
there was a problem on the image acquisition from the LEO to the RAITH 
during align write field operations. As it turns out the previous user 
had this problem but did not report it to the CORAL: report problem; so 
it never registered to my awareness until the next User came into the 
lab this morning.  Had it been reported to CORAL I would have been 
automatically informed with an email from the raith-pcs at 
<> email list.   Note that 
it is not a problem until it is reported onto the CORAL system...  (The 
user did make a notation in the Raith operations logbook...)

FAQ XXX TBD:  Cannot obtain an SEM Image in the Write Field Alignment 
routine on the Raith computer...
If you run into problems obtaining images across the communications 
between the RAITH 150 package and the RAITH SEM (formerly informally 
called LEO SEM)
it is most likely due to a problems in the communications between the 
computers, or a loss of a module in the SW applications running on the 

To correct this problem, [save] your position list and project files on 
the RAITH,  gracefully exit and shut down either the RAITH SEM computer, 
or both computers, to restore the system to its default settings and to 
perform a  re-read all the RAITH SEM software modules into the LEO 
Server window.  The Image acquisition and all normal functionality 
should now be restored.  If not place the system into yellow mode by 
reporting the problem on the  raith-pcs at 

Thank you for your support!

James Conway

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