workaround and solutions for users having problems using layer 61 automated write field alignment.

James Conway jwc at
Tue Feb 14 10:02:21 PST 2006


Yesterday I looked at the problem the User had encountered overnight 
Saturday last weekend in more detail and found a that change in the 
Threshold parameter settings for the align write field process called in 
the ALIGN.PLS position list.  When a user scanned his position list for 
layer 61 the system opens up ALIGN.PLS and performs the automated 
scans.  The line scans completes and there is a wave form in the Line 
scan dialog box but the thresholds displays the WIDTH and NOT the 
POSITION that the system desires to measure.  The data then does not get 
placed into the proper POS 1 POS 2 and POS 3 columns of the ALIGN.PLS so 
the system do receive the data as to where the targets are in order to 
adjust the ALIGN Write field.  In the end you get a red light in the PLS.

I believe I have resolved this problem by copying ALIGN.PLS from the 
system folder and over writing the ALIGN.PLS is users directories: 
training, stohr.
If you are working in overlay using layer 61 and encounter this problem 
you can also do this simple procedure to correct this problem:

   1. Scan layer 61 in your position list item.  Let the system perform
      the line scans and you will either get green or red dots next to
      the ID number.
   2. If necessary open ALIGN.PLS ensuring you are opening from YOUR
      user/data/ directory.  You will see the line scan files in the
      listing on the right of the U, V positions and patterns names. 
   3. Double click on the item line in the position list.  You will
      obtain the new dialog box containing the line scan image file
      which is a SEM wave form.
   4. Press the apply button on the dialog box and that will pop up the
      Threshold algorithm - ALIGN WRITE Field dialog box.  If it is
      another thresholding file, use the pull down menu to select ALIGN
   5. Finally on the bottom of this dialog box is a DISPLAY section and
      click off the POSITION button and not the WIDTH button and then
      press [OK].
   6. Close the align.pls list and save your changes on the pop up request.
   7. Go and rescan you pattern layer 61 and all other layers exposed in
      overlay and you should be just fine.

Users still having problems with this please seem me immediately, or 
call my cell.

Thank you for your support!

James Conway

James Conway wrote:

> Greetings:
> Over the weekend I had report of users on log in other than my own, 
> whom had begun seeing problems getting automated write field alignment 
> to complete during their run.
> During the align.PLS scans the line scan was completed but the system 
> does not measure the line scan or allow WF aignment to complete. You 
> will see red lights next to the ID number on the PLS.
> ALL users are asked to promptly report if they run into this problem.
> Thank you
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