Zeiss Field Service performed adjustments on the RAITH SEM today and CORAL SCHEDULE as shifted 2 + hours.

James Conway jwc at snf.stanford.edu
Wed Feb 15 18:33:25 PST 2006

Greetings Raith Users:

1. This afternoon, after many delays, working with Zeiss SMT field 
service we finished up the E/O card calibrations and users will no 
longer experience the large image shifts when working between the three 
various Magnification Amplifier ranges; when selecting different scan 
speeds, and when performing stigmation at high magnifications.

2. We now resume the CORAL schedule shifting your sessions back about 2 
+ hours from your scheduled time.  Current Users on the system expect to 
finish about  7 PM.  Ebeam lab phone is 650-725-3673

3. Current Restrictions on Operations:

Users may operate the system to as high as 25 kV with no other 
restrictions.  Gun vacuum is in the mid E -010 mBar scale. (6.2 E -010 
mbar today)
Please ensure that the system reached base pressure before bringing up 
the gun to above 20 kV. (Typical base for the system is 1.6 to 1.9 E 
-006 Torr.)

4. All Users are cautioned to continue to ALWAYS change their gloves as 
they open the LOAD LOCK chamber and to make all efforts to not 
contaminate the system with non-standard materials, greases, silica 
gels, and un-cured resist structures.  Users are also encouraged to 
pre-bake all samples going into the system on a hot plate just before 
loading. I recommend 105 degrees C for 2 minutes on the hot plate.

Thank you for  your support!

James Conway

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