Please be careful in your utilization of the expensive PMMA materials.

James Conway jwc at
Thu Feb 16 18:57:14 PST 2006

Greetings Ebeam and Raith Users Groups:

To ensure a supply of the normal blends of PMMA in the cleanroom over 
the holiday weekend I have placed a new bottle of both 9% 950K PMMA - A 
and 2% 950K PMMA -A into the yellow solvent cabinets.  Please use up the 
reminder of the 2% 950K PMMA - A before opening up a new bottle.
 I finished up the old bottle of 9% 950K PMMA today.

Users are also requested to be frugal and careful in their use of these 
expensive materials.  No one should be doing any pour transfers or 
placing PMMA into beakers while dispensing to the spinner coaters.  If 
you employ a syringe and a filter when spinning your material you will 
obtain better and more consistent results with these materials.

Exposure to air and water vapor for even a few minutes will result in a 
change in materials viscosity as they are nearly all solvents, and the 
materials may hydrolyze resulting in reticulated film morphologies and 
result  in very poor Ebeam Lithography results. Finally you will expose 
yourself to more solvent vapors that is necessary to complete your 
coating task.

All users are encouraged to employ the Ebeam Resist Handling Procedures 
that are posted on our web site in order to obtain optimal processing 

Thank you for your efforts to hold down cost of engineering materials 
within the SNF Cleanroom and thank you for your support!

All the best,

James Conway

PS The PMMA materials are never to leave the SNF cleanroom or Ebeam lab 
for any reason.  Please see me directly during my office hour should you 
desire a supply for any other outside usage.  jwc

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