README: ALL PMMA materials are not to leave the SNF Lab areas. Please be conservative with your usage and help control cost at SNF!

James Conway jwc at
Tue Jul 25 11:56:35 PDT 2006

Greetings Ebeam Lab Users:

This is my second message on this thread.  [Previous Message in SNF 
Ebeam archives 
If this situation does not correct itself, I will take action as 
necessary including locking up all Ebeam Lab polymers and PMMA 
materials, henceforth forcing ALL Users to check out all volumes of 
material individually and at greater cost to all Users.

ALL Users are instructed to not take from the Cleanroom any Ebeam 
Polymer or PMMA,  nor make bottles of  material for their individual usage.

If you need a custom viscosities prepared of any type of PMMA -- please 
see James Conway during his office hour. I have many types already made 
up and qualified for usage.

During July  we have gone through 550 ml. of 5% 495K PMMA in Anisole 
material since July 5, 2006.
(Two Bottles of PMMA have been  provided to the Clean room on 7-5-06 and 
This is an unacceptable amount of usage and is enough material to cover 
over 300 100 mm wafers with 300 nm of resist thickness on each wafer.

 Today I stocked a third 250 ml bottle of  5% 495K PMMA in Anisole for 
use by All Lab Members. 

I expect all users to utilize these supplies frugally, dispensing all 
PMMA blends manually through PE/PPVsyringes and 0.45 um Whatman filters 
only. No direct pouring  from the bottles, or into beakers, nor directly 
onto the SVG wafer spin tracks is allowed whatsoever.
 The 9% 950K PMMA you may wish to not utilize the filters to reduce your 
effort at dispense.

Please assist us in reducing and holding down the cost of Engineering 
Materials available for all Lab members working within the SNF Cleanroom!

Thank you for your support!

James Conway
Ebeam Lab

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