Please welcome the new RAITH Champions for 2006!

James Conway jwc at
Mon Jun 19 12:31:34 PDT 2006

Greetings Raith Users Community:

We have had our RAITH 150 system for just over 4 years and as we 
graduate some users whom have become Raith Champions in the past we are 
also bringing in additional Raith Champions for 2006. It is will great 
pleasure and satisfaction that I can now announce a number of New Raith 
Champions for 2006.

Raith Champions act as expert Raith Operators and as docents for each of 
their groups' assisting users in exposures, and when a User only has 
need for an occasional exposure on the RAITH 150 Ebeam Lithography 
system.  All Raith Champions have show me that they can properly operate 
the system without problems and that they are willing to work with other 
Users on a regular basis.

Please welcome these talented people whom are willing to help you on the 
RAITH system.
A complete listing of all 25 RAITH Champions is attached as a MS word 

New Raith Champions for 2006:

Xinran Wang  with the Hongjie DAI Group
Jun Pan with the Harris Group.
Yuan Zhang with the H.S Philip Wong Group
Nick Koshnick with the Kam Moler
Liang Xu with the Shan Wang Group
Venkatesh Chambrolu with the Stohr Group
Andrei Faraon with the Vuckovic Group
Maria Makarova also with the Vuckovic Group
Dirk Englund also with the Vuckovic Group

Thank you for your support!

James Conway

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