New bottle of 9% PMMA in anisole just stocked in cleanroom. Users data requested for spin speed(f)thickness and dose/kv.

James Conway jwc at
Tue Jun 27 11:37:10 PDT 2006


I just stocked a new bottle of 9% 950K PMMA in Anisole into the 
cleanroom solvent storage cabinet.
Users are requested to be frugal in the use of this material this is the 
last bottle in this LOT.

Users are also requested to please report their spin speed as a function 
of Thickness data  and exposure doses per each acceleration voltage used 
so we can generate a Process Definition for Thick Film Single Layer 950K 
MW PMMA-A for all Lab members reference.

Thank you,

James Conway

Shu-Jen Han wrote:

> I was not using it for last night's writing, but I'll use it for my 
> next step.
> I just noticed the original 9% bottle becomes 4.5%. Is it the bottle 
> you're saying?
> thanks,
> --Shu-Jen
> At 06:01 ¤U¤È 2006/6/26, you wrote:
>> The whole bottle?
>> There should be a 9% 950K PMMA - anisole in the ebeam chemical cabinet
>> with Claudia Richter's name on it available for use.
>> I will page you in the Cleanroom as I leave to make sure you have
>> polymeric for tonight.
>> All the best,
>> James
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