ANNOUNCEMENT: "Take A Spin with Me" -- Ebeam Resist Handling Training on the Headway. Monday March 6, 2006 11 AM to 1 PM SNF cleanroom.

James Conway jwc at
Wed Mar 1 11:23:55 PST 2006

ANNOUNCEMENT:  "Take A Spin with Me" -- Ebeam Resist Handling Training 
on the Headway Coater.

Greetings Ebeam Lab Users,

I will be conducting my monthly "Take A Spin with Me" training class 
next Monday March 6, 2006 from 11 AM  - 1 PM.
We will meet in the SNF Cleanroom alongside the Headway Spin Coater and 

This is a great opportunity for you to get acquainted with the specific 
points to employ when working with our Ebeam Resist materials in order 
to obtain high quality thin film coatings over your wafers for Electron 
Beam, Scanning Probe (SPL), and optical Nano-Lithography.
In these applications accurate control of Polymer thickness is important 
in order to obtain consistent high quality lithography results.

We will be conducting this training on the Headway2 spin coater and 
users attending this session will gain their qualification on this tool.

I will start with substrate cleans on WET BENCH NONMETAL performing 
substrate cleans and HF etching of the intrinsic native oxide on Silicon 
wafers.  All users are encouraged to have their substrates cleaned and 
ready to go for spinning by the session time; either coming out of the 
150 degree Singe oven, or if you are working on oxides or nitrides, 
coming out of the YES HMDS Prime oven.

We can apply what ever resist system you desire for your work. My plan 
is to prepare more 2% 950K MW PMMA in Anisole films for the RAITH Group 
XIX training class to be held later in the week.

All interested parties are welcome to attend this session.  No need to 
reply to this email -- just show up!

Thank you for your interest in Ebeam Technologies here at Stanford 
Nanofabrication Facility,

James W. Conway

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