"Raith Cam"

James Conway jwc at snf.stanford.edu
Thu Nov 30 08:41:21 PST 2006

Hello Ilya,

I have thought about this too. I am also CCing the 
raith at snf.stanford.edu list to start a new thread for discussion.

What may be better than a simple webcam and we just need someone with 
the time and energy to get it set up;  might be to have a secure 
wireless network to the RAITH, possibly hosting from 
elwizard.stanford.edu. (My office PC..) That way authenticated users 
could login to either my host and gain a VPN connection to the raith  
computer to monitor the system, ftp files, and prepare position list.  
This would help me also when we run into problems on the tool .  I could 
login remotely and take care of problems such as load lock errors and 
assist Users remotely.

Additionally I would desire to get dual output video cards and two 
additional monitors so that we can watch through the clean room windows  
from the outside.  This would also be useful for outreach to visitors 
coming to SNF to observe the RAITH operations  in progress. 

Ideas and suggestions are welcomed.  Anyone in the RAITH community have 
the wireless and PC networking skills or desire to assist in getting 
this set up?

The floor is open to your ideas...


James Conway
Ebeam Lab
Ilya Fushman wrote:
> Hey,
> How about a Raith webcam that you can turn on to monitor your write.
> There have been a few times when my write has stalled, and it would be
> good to be able to periodically check on it remotely. Webcam's like
> $50, and we could mount it on the Island computer.
> -ilya
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