Shutdown raith SNF 2006-09-08 16:37:43: sample can't be unloaded

James Conway jwc at
Mon Sep 11 11:54:37 PDT 2006

Greetings Raith Users:

This user was running the service.nav and not the exchange.nav procedure!!!

Users are strictly notified that they are NOT to perform emergency 
recovery or other service.nav procedures on their own without having 
either Raith Field Service or James Conway on the phone.

This is very dangerous as that all service and safety interlocks are in 
manual mode. Questions that the system software ask must be verified 
before next steps.
It is very easy to damage the interferometer mirrors, the robot transfer 
arm, or other hardware if you make a mistake in command sequence within 
this operation module.  Just don't do it.

Thank you,

James Conway

gyzhang at wrote:

>A message appeared when unloading my sample, says: 
>1. "It is not possible to reach the inner robot arm."
>Click OK, and next the messages says
>2. "Mannual procedure to bring the robot arm back in its outer possition. Please, follow the instructions"
>Click Ok, and the next messages is
>3. "Press the T-button on the Joystick"
>Press it, click OK,
>4. "Move the robot arm with the joystck as far as possible to the outer possition"
>Move the T possible to zero, and click OK,
>5. "Outer position reached! Press X- and Y- button on the joystick"
>Press the X- and Y- button and click OK,
>Then, No messages appeared, and the load and unload button on 'Navigator exchange' becomes red and unusable.
>So, i leave my sample still in the chamber and shut down the raith untill someone knows how to solve this problem. 
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