System is coming bacl up and I wish to work with you on your RAITH session today..

Li Zhang zhangli at
Mon Sep 11 12:03:38 PDT 2006


I am not gonna use the session and I just canceled it. Thanks.

Best Wishes,

Li Zhang
Department of Chemistry
Stanford University

Quoting James Conway <jwc at>:

> Hello Li Zhang,
> I see you are next on the CORAL schedule to use the RAITH 150.
> The system has been brought back up.
> I would like to work with you on your session to confirm that all 
> features are functional and that the system is within performance 
> specifications.
> Will be coming into the Lab at 13:00 to 13:15 hours and will be ready to 
> load at this time.
> If you do not wish to run the system this afternoon I will perform the 
> normal system qualifications as per the system qualification template we 
> have establish last year.
> RSVP or just meet me in the SNF Cleanroom at 13:00 - 13:15 hours today.
> Thank you,
> James Conway

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