Shutdown raith SNF 2006-09-19 16:06:22: RAITH System off line for BAKE OUT OF GUN. Previous water flow problems vented system chamber. elevated Gun pressures observed

James Conway jwc at
Tue Sep 19 16:44:32 PDT 2006

Raith Users:

Raith system will be off line overnight while we bake out the Gun 
section of the system to address the elevated Gun section pressures at 
Gun startup while recovering from the Water flow problems. We will then 
continue to evaluate the problems encountered this afternoon.
I will update the news list when we have a better estimate of when we 
come back up.

Thank you,

James Conway

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Subject: 	Shutdown raith SNF 2006-09-19 16:06:22: RAITH System off line 
Date: 	Tue., 19 Sep 2006 16:06:23 -0700
From: 	jwc at
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Raith Users

 Several water flow and elevated water temperature events this afternoon caused an automatic vent of the system chamber to air after a 1 hour time out.  I was unable to troubleshoot and effect repairs to the NESLAB chiller before the time out initiatedm (60 minutes). 200 - 500 ml of  H20 was added to the chiller today to bring up to normal 'full' level. Water flow cannot be verified to volume-- but water is flowing.
The Gun pressures are elevated and the FE-Gun trips off when we bring it up due to sudden increases in Gun section pressures.
RAITH Field Service suggest performing a overnight bake out and will initiate a service request with ZEISS SMT in the morning.
I expect to have this system back up and available to users tomorrow afternoon or evening at best. 
Never a dull moment!
Thank you for your support!
James Conway

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