RAITH STATUS 20:30 hours Friday --- Raith 150 returns to service...

James Conway jwc at snf.stanford.edu
Fri Apr 13 20:39:48 PDT 2007

*Greetings Raith Community:*

Joe Klingfus and myself completed adjustments to the piezo post in the 
Laser Interferometer Stage and the stage can now level wafers on the Std 
Sample Holder using the level wafer routine.  Users can elect to either 
use the centered piezo positions or level the actual wafer or chip so 
that your writes will be in proper focus.

We will be continuing to collect data through the next week to confirm 
and evaluate the repeatability of the sample holder landing properly 
onto the Laser Interferometer Stage. Adjustments were made yesterday to 
the Post positions for Sample Holder exchange.

*Users are requested to very carefully perform their write field 
alignments after a final focus measurement adjustment to the stage 
coordinates and to monitor both the total delta focus between points on 
your across your wafer or chip. Users should also carefully inspect your 
patterns before pattern transfer.  Please report your results to this 
email list.*

We have determined that what I had interpreted as stitching issues in 
previous qualification runs was actually related to the Zoom U, V values 
obtained during align write field calibration, and this may have been 
due to settings in the dynamic compensation module and other settings on 
the machine.  This resulted in write fields slightly smaller and larger 
that specified during the writing of the tool for various levels of 
defocus in the wafer writing plane.
We are continuing to check all parameters to normal defaults per se, and 
will continue our testing during the RAITH Basic Users Class scheduled 
for next week.

*Users can now operate the system up to 25 keV acceleration voltage *as 
the gun vacuum has returned to the mid E-010 Torr levels as previous 
If users encounter any strange phenomenon or application behavior they 
should contact me on my cell phone anytime through the weekend.

Thank you for your support!

James Conway

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